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California Homeopathic Clinic (CHC) has been helping people of San Jose and surrounding areas for the last 10 years with  various  medical problems using German homeopathic treatment philosophy. Jatin Kumar, homeopath at CHC, has 20 years of experience  and  got his education from a premier  institution in India. His credentials are accredited by World Education Services, New York.

Homeopathy has a solution to the symptoms associated with asthma, skin problems, hypertension, allergy, arthritis, migraine, hair loss, ulcerative colitis, gynecological irregularities, and a variety of other physical ailments.

At the clinic in San Jose, California, CHC provides a full service offering consultation, evaluation, and  providing medicines to  clients. We use latest homeopathic medicines imported from Germany and Switzerland and also locally from leading homeopathic medicine manufacturers in the USA.

Homeopathic treatments usually can proceed simultaneously with other ongoing medications, and as the  client sees benefits from it,  he/she can consult his physician to take homeopathic course of action. It is important that he/she tell the physician about the  ongoing homeopathic  treatment.


Use of Latest Research

Use of latest research

At CHC, we are always updating with the latest in homeopathic research for best treatment, and we contribute our findings to the homeopathic community for benefits to others.

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